Let me help you ENGAGE your target audience and become a THOUGHT LEADER through STRATEGIC STORYTELLING for your agency.

I serve agencies and coaches who are looking to launch a professional quality podcast designed to position YOU as the super hero in your business by interviewing your dream clients. In my program, you will learn how to:
Attract your dream clients to interview them, and then pitch them.

Launch your podcast and gain instant traction with ZERO list and ZERO adspend.

How to manage and automate most aspects of your podcast release process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you leverage your podcast interviews?
You can use your podcast interviews to do ALL of the following:
  • Fill your funnel with leads
  • Promote a virtual launch tour
  • Create all kinds of content just from one interview
  • Build brand loyalty and trust
Why do I need a podcast agent?
You're already busy enough running your business. And your team, without proper training and guidance, may get you booked on the wrong shows, wasting everyone's time. We help you offload all of that, work with your team, and get you the results you need fast.
How many interviews can I expect?
While you ultimately set the pace, we aim to get you interviewed on 2-3 podcasts every month. Depending on availability, you could very well be booked on more episodes. It already really depends on your schedule.
How does podcast guesting augment my current advertising?
Depending on which shows you get to appear on, you'll gradually increase awareness of your product organically. All it takes is an hour of your time per episode and let the combined reach of your audience and the podcast host's audience increase your brand recognition.
What's included in the package?
Working with our team includes:
  • Strategy and messaging crafting
  • Monthly debriefing strategy calls
  • Equipment and interview training
  • Post interview social media assets
What social media assets are included in the package?
After every episode that you appear on is published, in cooperation with the podcast host, we create the following:
  • A 500-word blog post summarizing your appearance on their show
  • 2-4 social media quote cards attributing your value quotes
  • 1-2 audiograms highlighting your best moments on the interview
  • Podcast host follow-ups
Do I need any special equipment to do this?
In order to sound professional, you should have a good microphone, headphones, and a quiet space to conduct the interview. We assist you with setting this up including recommendations on which equipment to purchase, if needed.
Why choose Agents of POD over any virtual assistant?
This is what we do. We're not just booking you on podcasts and setting you adrift. We work with you every month to discuss your messaging, improve your interviewing skills and make your presentations better overall.